Become a volunteer

Our key principal mandate is to design and implement public health programs and research studies that benefit vulnerable populations, especially young people and women in Kenya.

Why should I volunteer?
  • Helping us to transform the lives of the youth through our various programs
  • Helping us identify, train and enhance the next generation
  • Capacity building the youth through seminars, workshops, industrial connections.
  • From the outputs from our research, help us solve issues within our communities
  • You will gain experience in various program activities conducted by Impact - RDO

For more information

  •   (254)727-688550
  •   Info@Impact-Rdo.Org

  •  Visit Our Office
    P.O. Box 9171-40141
    Kisumu, Kenya Baring Rd, Milimani

Interested in becoming a volunteer?


We select a team of professionals to perform research programs activities


We use the findings from research papers to develop solutions for various issues affecting us


The solutions developed are taken to the community to solve cases to improve living.