Impact Research & Development Organization


Prof. Kawango Agot
PhD, MPH, MPhil
Dr. Agot is the Founder, Director and CEO of Impact Research and Development Organization. She has over 20 years’ experience in biomedical, epidemiological and behavioral research that have shaped the trajectory of HIV prevention in Kenya and beyond. After obtaining a BEd degree from the University of Nairobi and MPhil from Moi University, Kenya, she taught briefly in Moi University before proceeding to the University of Washington, Seattle, for concurrent PhD and MPH graduate studies, completing both in 2001. She then went on to coordinate the trial on medical male circumcision for HIV prevention at the Kenya site, and spearheaded its acceptability and rollout among the largest traditionally non-circumcising community in Kenya. In collaboration with local and international partners, she has implemented almost 60 research studies and programs in more than 20 of the 47 counties of Kenya, with some of the results informing the development or revision of HIV prevention policies in the country. Dr. Agot’s current research interest focuses primarily on women, particularly adolescent girls and young women. Dr. Agot is a Fellow of the Africa Academy of Sciences.
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Dr. Spala Ohaga
Programs Manager
Public Health and M&E Specialist
Dr. Ohaga Spala Dr. Ohaga is the Deputy Director and Head of Programs Division at IRDO. He is a public health and M&E specialist with about 13 years’ experience in program management, TB, Malaria and HIV programming in the public health sector. Dr. Ohaga joined IRDO in 2008 as the Head of M&E Department, and has held various positions, rising the rank of Deputy Director in 2016. Currently, he oversees the implementation of eight comprehensive HIV, TB and Malaria prevention, care and treatment programs [Tuungane-III, KPIF, GF HIV, GF AYP, GF TCS, Jilinde, GF TB, GF Malaria] spread across 12 counties of Kenya. In addition to program work, Dr. Ohaga has been a Co-Investigator in eight and three [Tumaini T4A, AOB, DiSC, Owete] completed and on-going HIV research studies, respectively. He has published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals, as both first author and a co-author. Dr. Ohaga holds PhD and MSc in Medical Entomology and BEd (Science) of Kenyatta University [], Nairobi Kenya. Before joining IRDO, he was an ARPPIS Scholar at ICIPE [] Nairobi Kenya.
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Erastus Aroko
KRCHN, Psychology Counselling
Mr Aroko has work experience spanning 29 years. Worked with the MOH as Community Health Nurse between 1992 to 2002. He also worked in a randomized control trial of Male Circumcision for prevention of sexual transmission of HIV as a study Nurse Counselor and also as head of recruitment and tracing of clients who missed their study visit appointments from 2002 to 2010. He joined Impact- RDO in 2010 as Nurse Counselor in the VMMC role out project, with the main roles including provision of VMMC services to male clients, screening clients for VMMC eligibility, providing STI treatment to clients and review of clients post VMMC procedure, as well as manage/ refer clients with complications to other facilities where necessary. He also worked as quality assurance officer overseeing HIV testing and counseling services and as a Performance Monitoring Officer. As head of performance monitoring team he oversees all activities related to staff compliance with IRDO SOPs. He Provides support supervision to IRDO program staff who are implementing program activities in the field, Receiving reports from intervention heads, Monitoring program activity performance by review of field reports.
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Dr. Mark Ayallo
Clinical Manager
MB,ChB and MPH
Dr Ayallo is the current Clinical Manager at Impact Research and Development Organisation (IRDO) and a team leader of the IRDO’s Health Business Development wing – Impact Research, Training and Healthcare Services (IRTHS). He has over 20 years hands-on medical practice, health service management, program development/management and research, mainly focused on Reproductive Health and HIV/STI management and prevention, which has greatly impacted on Health Policy development in Kenya. After Graduating from the University of Nairobi with MB,ChB and MPH, Dr. Ayallo worked for GoK’s Ministry of Health (MoH), international development partners (DANIDA and GTZ ) and the NGO MSI in Kenya within the Health sector. His work mainly focused on Health Service management, support to health systems strengthening, provider Technical Capacity building and Clinical Quality Assurance in Reproductive Health service delivery and related research in rational Drug use, Contraception and Policy development. He designed and coordinated a KAP study and a subsequent cross-sectional studies on distribution, uptake and use (social marketing) of Condoms which significantly contributed to the MoH’s institutionalisation and nationalising the branding and distribution of the sure condom in Kenya. More recently, Dr. Ayallo was part of a team that designed and undertook a ground breaking study on pain management in female surgical sterilisation in a rural setting in Kenya. Dr Ayallo is a Registered and practicing Clinician, Public Health expert and has been/is a member of various advisory and directing health Boards of various organisations in Kenya, and a Volunteer supporter of numerous Community initiatives. He is a member of Kenya medical Association (KMA) and the current Vice president of Africa Accountability Platform (AHAP), anon-registered lobby and advocacy platform for health for east, central & southern African countries. In the course of duty on health care matters, he has traveled widely across the Globe.
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Erick Oyugi
Finance Manager
BCOM Finance and CPA (K)
Eric is a BCOM (Finance) degree holder, CPA (K) and a registered member of ICPAK, currently undertaking his MA degree at The Nairobi University. He has over 17 years’ experience in financial management, 8 of which have been in senior managerial positions within the NGO sector which include managing funds and reporting to various donors that include CDC and USAID. He is currently head of the Finance department at IRDO with effect from October 2018, with the mission as a department being to add value to the organization through enhanced efficiency in processing financial transactions in compliance with donor guidelines and institutional policies, timely reporting as well as undertaking timely audits both for the organization as well as project specific audits.
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Rael Owira
Human Resource Manager
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Risper Bosire
Research Monitor
MA in Project Planning and Management
Risper Bosire is an Internal Research Monitor at Impact-RDO. Her duties includes contributing to the development of and implementation of protocols and informed consents for research studies; monitor research studies to ensure participant safety and compliance with the study protocol, FDA regulations and ICH/GCP Guidelines; develops, reviews, and maintains key study documents to ensure adequate resource and reference documentation among others. She also doubles up as the Regulatory Officer for IRDO research studies where she is tasked with protocol submissions to IRBs, PPD and NACOSTI and maintains the regulatory submission tracker for all research studies. Her interests in research includes bioethics and clinical trial monitoring. Risper holds a Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management and Bachelor of Science in Public Health. A registered clinical officer and has a certificate in Clinical Trial Monitoring.
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