THE BOLD STEP | Testimonials

THE BOLD STEP Christopher Erick Masolo is a 34-year-old father of three from Mukhunga Village, Bukoma Sub- location, Bunyala location in Busia County. He is teacher by profession who is quick to share his passion to mentor children especially young men.

Chrisptoher reckons that he heard about circumcision while still a young boy in Sunday school where and later lost interest in it for he associated it with pain.

"Every time I thought of going for the cut, I would back track fearing the pain and fearing that I would go without sex for six weeks. So I kept consoling myself that it was not necessary. I would see Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) staff giving health talks in my school which I could listen to keenly but could never overcome my fears, " says Christopher

With time most his age mates had undergone cut and he says this made him so uncomfortable around them especially during bathing time at the river. Most times he was forced to sneak to the river to bathe alone.

"I would coordinate for IRDO staff to conduct health talks in my school and go ahead to help the students get consent from their parents. Little did they know I had not gone for the procedure. I wanted them to know I have done it. I recall during one of the school holidays, I decided to go to Kaimosi in Western Kenya. Unknown to me it was during the circumcision period and the tradition meant that selected men would move from one household to another looking for the uncircumcised men to take for traditional circumcision by force. I was forced to cut my trip short and run back home," narrates Christopher

On coming back home he shared the ordeal with the wife who encouraged him to go for VMMC but he was still reluctant. In early 2016, he contracted Syphilis, which kept on recurring for the better part of the year. In early 2017, he took a bold step to go for VMMC with the thought that it would cure the STI. He says he was so depressed and felt hopeless.

"It had gotten to a point where I did not want my penis anymore leave alone the foreskin for it was a source of pain and shame. The infection brought strain in my marriage. So I approached the mobilizer who took me to the doctor who told me they will first treat the infection and once healed they can go ahead and carry out the VMMC procedure, " explains Christopher

Christopher got the Syphilis treated and then voluntarily went for VMMC. It is now a month since he visited the hospital and says he is glad he went for it.