PREP AMBASSADOR | Testimonials

PREP AMBASSADOR Goreti Akoth is a twenty-three-year-old mother of five. We met her and her husband George Agola, 37, in their home in Gulkoyando Village, East Migwen Sub Location, Migwen Location, Bondo Sub County going about their daily chores. Of the five children, two are her biological children with George while the other three are George´s children from his first marriage. They are small holder farmers and George doubles up as a public service vehicle driver whenever he gets an opportunity.

Goreti tells us of how she first met George and feel in love with him despite the fact that he physically looked unhealthy and stressed. The sister to George who organised their meeting had mentioned to Goreti that George´s marriage had failed and that the wife had left him with three children thus badly needed a wife.

"My suspicion that he was HIV positive brought lots of conflict and violence at home especially when I asked him to go get tested. He would become violent each time I asked for a test. With time he bowed to pressure and once tested was found to be HIV positive, " says Goreti

George tells us of how he became bitter after knowing his HIV status and thought Goreti will run way fearing infection since she was tested and found to be HIV negative. To his shock, Goreti promised to stay on and even agreed to have children with him. But the demons of violence kept coming up.

"God blessed us with two children who are HIV negative. The fact that we were a discordant couple was causing strain in our marriage. My husband was so insecure and bitter. It is until she joined DREAMS that things changed. In 2016 I met the DREAMS staff from IRDO visited her and enrolled her as a DREAMS girl. I met other girls and we were trained on SASA, Entrepreneurship and PREP," explains Goreti.

They shared of how Goreti’s mentor would occasionally counsel us and I realised gender based violence was wrong. Goreti also taught me about SASA and entrepreneurship and we incorporated what we learnt. She was called for training on PreP and it is that point that she came out and openly told her class members that she was in a discordant relationship. They say that now when George takes his ARVs she takes PreP.

"PreP was a dream come true and it saved my marriage and family. We are now strong together. The support I receive from my husband is tremendous. I sensitize groups in churches and chiefs baraza on what PreP is. I am no longer that naive and shy girl that I was before, all thanks to the DREAMS program. I also get to fly to major conferences in the country to advocate for PreP, " concluded Goreti.