HOPE AT LAST | Testimonials

HOPE AT LAST Vivian Achieng, is a 16yrs old born in a family of four. She comes from Uyoma, Kagwa in Rarieda Sub county. Her father died during her early child hood forcing their mother to relocate to her home land in Siaya with them. The mother was physically challenged hence Vivian being the second born and her elder brother were forced to do odd jobs to fend for the family. Later the mother passed on leaving them in the hands of her relatives.

"The passing of my mother came with lot of struggles and pain. I was forced to live with one of my auntie who could not allow me to play with her children saying that I would infect them with HIV. At one point, when I was in class six, she threw my younger brother and myself out of her house. I called my elder brother who at that time had moved to Nairobi slums to try and get a living for us. He sent me money that I used to get my brother to Magombe village in Bondo where he now lives with an aunty, "narrated Vivian

Vivian tells us that she decided to go live with her maternal uncle in Siaya in order to continue with school but was faced with many challenges. She would go without lunches in school and constantly reminded that her parents died of HIV. She was forced to do all the house chores while the rest of the children played. "My uncle did not make it secret that I was not welcomed in his home. He kept saying that he could not wait to have me clear class eight exams so that I leave his home, says Vivian

During Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) implementation of DREAMS, MHMC facilitators came across her during the sessions when she was at home having been sent home for school levies worth 6500/= which she could not raise. She was opting to drop out of school and rather be a house help to support herself and her brother. IRDO counsellors reached to her, offered guidance. After talking to the head teacher to let her be in class they approached Nyanza Initiative for Girls Education and Empowerment (NIGEE) that paid 4000/= to keep her in school.

"I scored 276 points in my KCPE exams and was sent away from my uncle's home. I went to live with my brother in Nairobi. I wanted to go on with my studies but did not know how I would. Florence from IRDO tracked me in Nairobi and took me to Sirembe Mixed School. She supported me with personal effects while NIGEE paid my school fee. I am so happy to be back in school and my aim is to study hard to enable me get to the university, " says Vivian