THROUGH MY EYES | Testimonials

THROUGH MY EYES James Eleman is a 27 year old man who hails from in Naperebei Village, Nakwamekwi Location, Turkana Central Sub-County, Turkana County. He recently underwent male circumcision at Lodwar District Hospital and shares with us of his journey towards VMMC.

“I heard about Voluntary Medical Circumcision(VMMC) when I was in high school during a Health Talk Session by Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) Medics and Mobilisors. I wanted to go for it but was scared. Some students discouraged me from taking it saying it was not good while others went for it. I opted to not to go for it hoping it will be the last I hear of it,” narrated James.

After graduating from high school, James went on to volunteer in a faith based organization in Turkana Central. During this time he kept hearing of VMMC from some mobilisers who were using a Public Address System urging men who had not been circumcised to get circumcised. They told the public the benefits of VMMC and where they can get the service.

“With all these calls to go for circumcision, I was still scared of the unknown. I cannot really point out what was scaring me. Deep down I knew I need it having heard of its benefits that ranged from protection from HIV infection by 60% to penile hygiene. At one point the pastor I work for casually asked me to go but I declined,” explained James.

At IRDO VMMC mobilizers go through a vigorous training to sharpen their communication skills and people skills so that it can help them in their line of duty. Mobilizers main role in VMMC is demand creation. They try to get males who are above 10 years to get circumcised.

“One day, Naftali (IRDO Mobilizer in Turkana Central) approached me and explained why I should go for circumcision. The moment he was through with his talk, I asked him to take me to where I will get the service. I now realize that what I was lacking is that inter-personal interaction with a mobilizer to give me the much needed push,” said James

James said that he was well treated by the staff at the facility and would readily recommend VMMC to any man who has not gone through it.

“I am grateful to IRDO for bringing this life saving service to my people and I urge them to reach out to more people especially those in rural Turkana,” concluded James.