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Fighting Malaria
Fighting Malaria Grace Akinyi Agutu, a 39 year old mother of five children who hails from Okiro Village, East Asembo Location in Rarieda Sub-County. She is attending her first antenatal clinic visit during the Integrated Community Outreach in Nyilima. Being seven months pregnant, she was reluctant to attend clinic for she felt she was not sick and did not see the need for attending one.

“I was not sick and felt all was well making me to see no reason to attend the antenatal clinic. From my home to the nearest hospital is a 30 minutes’ walk and being pregnant, I did not feel like I have the energy to take the walk. I sat at home waiting for my due date, hoping and praying for the best. One day, a Community Health Volunteer (CHV) came to my home and invited me to one of their health outreaches in Nyilima Shopping Center; which is close to my home. She further told me the importance of attending clinic when pregnant and I felt she made sense and thus accepted her invite,” narrated Grace.

Integrated Community Outreach is a health camp which aims at providing medical care to the people who visit the site bearing different ailments. The outreach was organized by Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO) in-conjunction with Amref Health Africa and the Ministry of Health of Siaya County.

Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) are members of the community who are trained on testing and treating malaria “Community Health Volunteers' activities in the community together with Integrated Medical Camp Outreaches are easing the burden on health facilities and are helping in getting people who would otherwise not go to the hospital to receive the much needed medical care. We are especially focused on testing and treating uncomplicated malaria cases in the communities across Siaya County, all severe malaria cases and pregnant mothers are referred to the nearest link health facilities for further management. The CHVs are trained by the program to handle various cases at the community level. All pregnant mothers should sleep under mosquito nets,” explained Francis Ouma, Project Coordinator, Impact Research and Development Organization (IRDO).

“I am glad IRDO saw the need to have these outreaches which have helped many of us in the community to fight malaria. Today I go back home with my net with confidence that my unborn baby is protected from malaria,” concluded Grace.