THE VMMC CRUSADER | Testimonials

THE VMMC CRUSADER Cleophas Odumbe is a 36 year old father of four who hails from Mundekwe Village in Busia County. He was going about with his usual errands when he was approached by a Community Social Mobilizer with an initiative referred to as Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)

“I kept hearing about VMMC in the village but I never went out of my way to find out much about it. So when the Mobilizer from Impact Research and development Organization came to my work place, I decided to hear much about it. I opened up to him and told him I was not circumcised but would love to get it for the benefits he had highlighted were worth it,” says Cleophas.

He was picked and taken to Budalangi Dispensary where he underwent the VMMC procedure.
“I was ushered in the counseling room where the counselor gave me information on VMMC, counseled me on how best to prevent HIV, demonstrated on condom use and finally tested me for HIV. I signed a form, allowing them to circumcise me. I was then ushered to the next room, where the form was examined and I went through Sexually Transmitted Infection test and general physical examination. Finally VMMC was done on me and was advised to rest for at least 30minutes before embarking my chores,” explains Cleophas

Seven days later he went for review and all was well. If you walk in his village you might meet him in groups talking to them about the importance of Medical Circumcision.“I am glad I went for the circumcision and I have made it my business to crusade for VMMC,” concludes Cleophas