Impact Research & Development Organization


Through the DREAMS Initiative, we provide a comprehensive package of evidence-based biomedical, behavioral and structural interventions designed to work together to reduce new infections among Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW).
We conduct household enumeration using Open Data Kit installed in android phones. This process involves the development of a Girl Roster (GR) which informs the program of the number of girls in a specific geographic area. We first administer a Screening Tool to the AGYW. On completion and confirmation of eligibility, staff seek parental consent and child assent (if the AGYW is a minor (10-17 years) while adult AGYW (18-24 years) provide own consent. Once eligibility is determined and consent and/or assent provided, we proceed to administer an Enrollment Form to the AGYW.

The core package of services include:

  • Social asset building
  • Educational subsidies
  • Cash transfers
  • Combined socio-economic approaches (entrepreneurship support, financial capabilities, vocational training and job placement)
  • Community mobilization and norm change
  • Parenting/caregiver programs
  • Condom promotion and provision
  • Expanded contraceptive method mix
  • HTS and linkage to ART
  • PrEP promotion, provision, and transition of AGYW on PrEP to government facilities characterization of male sexual partners (MSP) of AGYW ages 15-19 and 20-24
  • Linkage to HTS, VMMC and ART
  • School-based HIV and violence prevention
  • Post-violence care

However, at the onset of FY19 (Sept 30 2018-Sept 29 2019), the DREAMS Program stopped the provision of cash transfer and former beneficiaries transitioned to receive education subsidy and vocational training for in-school and out-of-school, respectively. Services are offered through adolescent and youth friendly safe spaces, referral to health facilities and other community services. Routine AGYW specific data is collected.